How to Use an AreoPress Coffee Maker

The AreoPress® coffee maker was invented in 2005 and has developed a following of devoted fans. It is a simple, portable brewer that makes one great cup of coffee at a time. Because the grinds do not stay in contact with the water for a long time, AreoPress coffee has less acidity than some other brewing methods. The AreoPress is ideal for travel since it is compact and, being made of plastic, doesn’t break easily.

AreoPress: Pros & Cons


  • Makes an excellent, smooth cup of coffee
  • Makes one cup at a time
  • If used as instructed, AreoPress coffee has less acidity than many other brewing methods. This is because the coffee does not stay in the water for very long. This is good news for people with sensitive stomaches.
  • Very portable, it is compact and made of plastic, making it great for travel


  • Despite some claims to the contrary, the AreoPress coffee maker is not capable of making espresso
  • Not great for making coffee for a crowd

What You’ll Need

An AreoPress Coffee Maker

AreoPress Coffee Maker KitThe AreoPress coffee maker is sold in a kit that comes with everything you need: the AreoPress, filters, a stir stick, a funnel, and a measuring spoon. There is also a premium kit that comes with all of the above plus an additional tote bag which holds all the components; this is great for travel.

View on Amazon: the regular kit here, and the premium kit here

You’ll Also Need

  • Filters: The AreoPress uses special filters that are fairly inexpensive. There is also an after-market filter that is made of metal and is reusable (note: the AreoPress ships with a generous amount of filters, so no need to purchase any additional filters up front).
  • Fresh coffee (whole bean is highly recommended)
  • A good quality coffee grinder (if using whole bean coffee)
  • A kettle
  • A scale (optional)

Instructions: How to use an AreoPress Coffee Maker

Put a filter into the AreoPress base1. Place a filter into the base and screw it onto the bottom of the AreoPress

Screw the base onto the AreoPress

Place the AreoPress on top of your mug2. Stand the AreoPress, filter down, on top of your mug

Use a fairly fine grind3. Use the supplied measuring spoon to add one scoop of freshly ground coffee. Then give the AreoPress a gentle shake to level the grounds.

  • For best results, grind your coffee immediately before brewing using fine grind
  • Grind the coffee fairly fine (about the size of sand particles)
  • To eliminate waste, you can weigh your beans before you grind them. One scoop with the AreoPress measuring spoon equals 12 grams of coffee.

Add one scoop of ground coffee

Add hot water4. Fill the AreoPress with hot water up to the “2” marked on the side of the tube (equal to 125 grams of water), the chamber should be about half full.

  • Boiling water will scald your coffee, the temperature of the water should be 195-205° F/90-96° C. If your kettle doesn’t let you set the water temperature, simply let the water cool for 30-60 seconds after boiling.

Stir for 10 seconds5. Give the water and ground coffee a quick stir with the supplied stir stick (about 10 seconds)

Insert and slowly depress the plunger6. Insert the plunger and press it down slowly (it should take around 30 seconds)

Top up with hot waterProduces concentrated coffee7. Remove the press from the top of your mug. The AreoPress produces a coffee concentrate, so the mug should only be about 1/4 full (about 125 ml), Top up your mug with hot (not boiling) water.

Enjoy!8. Enjoy!


  • Having a good brewer (such as the Areopress) and using it correctly are important factors in making good coffee. But there are other factors as well; particularly, the freshness of the coffee and the quality of the water. Learn more here.
  • To clean the AreoPress, remove the base and press the plunger further down until the coffee pucks falls out of the tube. Then remove the plunger and rinse all the parts with water.
  • The Areopress makers recommend using water that is only 175° F/80° C, claiming that cooler water gives a better flavour.  However, unless you have a kettle that lets you set the temperature, it can be tedious trying to adjust the water temperature anywhere other than a few degrees off boiling.
  • It is possible to make two cups of coffee at once with the AreoPress. To do this, simply double the amount of ground coffee and the amount of water. If doing this, it is advisable to press the coffee into a pitcher and then divide it between two mugs. Trying to move the Areopress from one mug to the next mid-press will make a nasty mess.

Note: AeroPress is a registered trademark of AeroPress, Inc.